Effective Branding: 5 Stages of Powerful Brand Building

Building a powerful brand image is a priority of every business company! Read this article and discover the 5 stages of effective branding!

If you are a business owner you probably know that building a brand image is your priority and a priority of every business company. The way one brand is presented, the features that describe the brand, and the hype that is created around the brand, determine the real success of the brand and your overall business. But first of all, it is essential that you understand the meaning of branding, in order to start off with the right foot on this subject, to get more information, click here.

One brand goes through 5 key stages before it earns recognition:

  • Brand Appraisal – This is the stage when the brand deals with the plethora of opportunities available for a specific segment of a certain brand. You should perform 5 tasks at this stage if you want to present a clear picture of your brand. The 5 tasks are: Market Analysis, Analysis of Competition, Analysis of Consumer Segment, Competency Analysis, Analysis of Socio-Economic Conditions. When analyzing the market, you need to include an analyze of the international market scenario and take into account the opportunities for growth, the size of the target segment, cultural differences, the geographical location, and the challenges one distribution channel may cause. When analyzing the competition, you need to include the major market players in the market. The analysis of consumer segment includes an analysis of the purchase decisions of the consumer and the influence that might affect the decision-making process. The competency analysis requires an evaluation of the knowledge and skills base of the business company and the analysis of the socio-economic conditions includes an operational analysis of the changes in global trends, environment changes, and changes in social behavior.
  • Brand Definition – This stage includes a description of all that is being offered for instance, how will the brand be presented, how the brand will be positioned in the market, how it will attract the attention of the customers, and etc? This stage includes 4 activities: Brand Reasons, Positioning of the Brand, Mapping a Brand, and Brand Image.
  • Brand Articulation – The third stage explores different factors by which one brand presents itself to the target audience, how the offer is presented, and how exactly it connects. This stage consists of 3 steps: Building Brand Identity (coming up with a logo, brand story, and its unique features), Brand Communication (includes the utilisation of all promotional elements that may be used in presenting the product to the target customers) and Brand Service (how the product will beat its physical presence and connects with customers).
  • Brand Measurement – This stage is more than just building and launching a brand. In this stage, you should track the proper market conditions and make sure it succeeds. Pricing in your business sector, market-share, sales, and consumer loyalty need to be measured on a monthly, half-yearly, and yearly basis.
  • Brand Execution – This is the final stage and includes the utilization of end-to-end solutions which is a very important part of the branding process. This stage is one of the most challenging parts of the whole process and it is the place where the risk is probably most visible. If your brand is well defined, you should be confident enough everything is going to be ok. At this stage, promotional campaigns or specific brand assets may or may not be needed. Our recommendation is to perform a thorough market analysis so you can avoid all unnecessary actions that simply are not suitable for your brand’s requirement.

We hope these 5 stages will help you build a powerful and recognizable brand! Follow the stages, do everything according to this guide, and we promise you, you will succeed!