Suitable, Integrated Point of Sales Systems for Small Business

Today, you can easily purchase a software platform which offers only basic POS functionalities. The good news is that many modern point of sales systems for small business are highly integrated tools. They are carefully designed to manage a number of tasks seamlessly. Which then are the appropriate small business POS systems that are well integrated to suit your business needs? Here are a few to consider:

Highly Integrated POS systems for Small Businesses


Lightspeed is an e-commerce provider and POS that is based in Canada. It offers various point of sale solutions to medium-sized and small businesses in the restaurant and retail sectors. Lightspeed has been described as a most powerful e-commerce solution that is cloud-based. It is well suited for most in-store and online applications. Its aim is to aid the success of local businesses by providing an intuitive, reliable stores management software system. Lightspeed enables restaurants, and retailers access enhanced sales processing and data analytics systems.

Bluestore Live

This software affords retailers a flexible POS that can be used on different hardware. While using Bluestore, you can be sure that your data is safe. It gets stored in the Bluestore cloud servers. Data may also be safely secured in the private Bluestore URL.  If you are a retailer, you can create products, change prices, run sales, reports and do other things. Bluestore Live offers a simple pricing system. Its basic plan features one terminal per store.


 Revel is a good POS solution that is suitable for diverse kinds of businesses. These include sports stadiums, kiosks for self-service, convenience stores, restaurants, retailers. If you want a customized POS solution, you will quickly obtain a quote from the company’s sales team. Also, Revel offers many features that will significantly simplify your business processes. These include QuickBooks integration, payroll management, analytics, and appointment scheduling. The typical Revel terminal features a payment device, router, Wi-Fi access, an iPad, cash drawer and a POS printer.


Tillpoint is another exciting cloud-based POS system that offers a practical, easy-to-use solution. Indeed, Tillpoint is well decorated with several awards of excellence. It is particularly ideal for service-based businesses, including retail and hospitality enterprises. Do you need the provision of seamless POS integration services? Tillpoint will give you this. It offers just about everything that any small business would require, including the hardware and software needed for instant trading.



Shopify is one of those inexpensive business POS in India.  The Shopify system is ideal for many because it works equally well on both the iPad and iPhone mobile platforms. It offers a three-tier payment plan including basic Shopify which works for startups, Shopify for growing businesses and advanced Shopify which works well for scaling businesses.


Skubana mainly provides smart POS solutions. It is suitable for smart seamless operations that are vital for online retailers. Skubana will undoubtedly help you effect efficient and intelligent business operations which ultimately help scale up your enterprises. The Skubana system will streamline and automate your business transactions. These include fulfillment workflow and purchase orders.


Acme is a software that is specifically built for retail business. It will significantly help you counter credit card fraud which is a constant menace for retailers. Whatever device that you use, Acme will still give you very secure payments. Acme offers you a fascinating Wonder Bundle that features point of sale software, a series 7000 Windows 10 computer, an external or built-in bar code scanners and state of the art, high-speed receipt printer that is swappable.


Shopkeep is a POS system developed for retail, restaurant, bar and quick-serve businesses. The hardware installed in Shopify includes iPad enclosures, printers, readers, cash drawers and a variety of other software required for modern businesses. It is ideal for processing payment, transactions, customer marketing, inventory and staff management, reporting and analytics. Shopkeep, however, features a standard payment system and not the common tiered structures popular with other POS systems.


Square is a popular, powerful POS that is specifically designed to help expand small businesses. Square easily enables you to make payments, open tickets, reports, inventory and digital receipts. It is ideal for all types of businesses without regard to industry. It is also free to download that works well both on a mobile smartphone and on tablets.

Cashier Live

Cashier Live is a great POS system with fascinating features. It works very well for retailers who run hardware stores, boutiques, and pharmacies. The Cashier Live software can help businesses expand phenomenally, triggering soring sales. It provides smart online solutions ideal for retail businesses. You will easily get the software through the internet, and it’s compatible with iPhone or iPad apps. The POS will help you track your inventory, access data or reports and manage staff. And it has other great offers. If you are a user of Cashier Live, you will get unlimited registers, support, and inventory.

POS Nation

This software is useful for allowing businesses to seamlessly operate different aspects of work including the inventory and finance elements. Ultimately, POS Nation enables you to make smart business decisions through its easily customizable system. With POS Nation you can easily choose the hardware, peripherals, and software required to enhance profitability and productivity.


Touchbistro is specially designed for restaurant and food business. It is an affordable, easy to use system that appeals to many. It enhances modern popular payment systems since it can be used with the iPad. Of course, being able to do this affords flexibility and convenience to restaurant businesses. This system offers 24/7 support to customers. Its pricing plan includes the solo and Unlimited Plan.


 Another great POS to consider is Bindo. The Bindo  POS can be custom-built to reflect the unique business needs of an enterprise. Bindo boasts of more than 300 features which can do wonders to small business owners in enhancing its operations. For instance, it helps you with such elements as time clocking and invoicing. Bindo also features detailed metrics and highly actionable analytics which help you conceive how your business can be improved. With this tool, retailers can efficiently manage their operations using Bindo’s cloud-based systems. The hardware used is superior, including scales and barcode scanners. All these are supported by the effective point of sale system.


 This POS was formerly called iConnect. Franpos has a sleek and very powerful point of sale system. It is well tailored to support everyday business operations. Franpos combines great hardware with the best software. This helps you avoid the headache of confronting essential hardware and software decisions. Franpos also has a good track record of streamlining and facilitating payment and administrative systems.


There is an amazing variety of integrated POS systems available to support all types of business. Choose the best, and your business will benefit optimally.  Here you can check what are major POS (Point Of Sale) software providers in India

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